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Graduate student with a day job who enjoys great cafes, exploring restaurants, and the best diners. When I'm not out sampling great dishes at our restaurants, I'm engaged in testing various recipes to make my own great dishes at home.

Interviews, part 2

Allison* was my second interview, and I didn’t expect her to be a working girl, but Andy was told by a friend that she was and had been for some time. I was a little bit more nervous about approaching … Continue reading

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Updates, semi-thesis progress, and interviews

Oh my gosh, so long since I last posted. This isn’t a blog so much as an annual checkup. There have been a lot of things going on, personally, professionally, with my health… I’m deep in edits & rewrites for … Continue reading

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Harm Reduction

I apologize to anyone who may still be curious about this blog. It’s been near an entire year since I’ve posted, for a number of reasons. First have been some challenges with my health. Nothing terribly serious, but I do … Continue reading

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How I got started

I first got involved in researching prostitution during my first practicum for my Bachelor’s degree, deciding that instead of working at a community police station filing paperwork I wanted to do something more hands-on, more than just clerical work. My … Continue reading

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Back alley, Downtown Eastside Vancouver

Sometimes a bad choice is the best you can do. Continue reading

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